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More pictures available on request.  Everything I have it in great condition.  I live in a smoke free home.  Due to the age of some of these books, some pages are a bit yellowed.
I will ship by Media Mail.  All prices include shipping.
Paypal only.

English manga:
Chi's Sweet Home volume 1: $5
FLCL volume 1-2: $10
Paradise Kiss volume 1-5: $30
Tramps Like Us volume 1-14: $140
Happy Mania volume 1-11: $55
NANA volume 1-20: $150
Flowers and Bees volume 1-7: $25
Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind Box Set volume 1-4: $70

Japanese manga:
Chi's Sweet Home volume 1-4: $10
Baby Pop (Yayoi Ogawa)1-2: $4
Candy Life (Yayoi Ogawa): $4
Extra Heavy Syrup (Yayoi Ogawa): $4
Kiss and Never Cry (Yayoi Ogawa) 1-2: $6
Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai volume 1-4: $25
Gokinjo Monogatari volume 1-4: $25

NANA: $20
Gokinjo Monogatari: $15
Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai (small black smudge on cover): $14
Alice Addict (Mihara Mitsukaz): $20
Chocolate (Mihara Mitsukaz): $20

Tags: manga: english, manga: japanese
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