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01 February 2012 @ 07:39 pm
KPOP & Lolita skirt  

SHINee 2011 Desk and Wall calendars. $12 each or Shipping not included All pages are in tact, however, I have apparently misplaced the box for the wall calendar. The box for the desk calendar is a little beat up from when it was shipped to me.

Get both for $25 with FREE shipping!

ONEWSIDE 1ST DVD Set $10 Shipped within the US.
Perfect condition. Played twice. Phone strap has never been used. CD 1 contains live clips. CD 2 contains clips from ONEW's musicals. Includes phone strap, mini Onew desk calendar, and an official EverySing photo of Onew. discs

Bodyline Carousel Skirt in Pink
Size: 2L
Length: 63cm (about 24in)
Waist: 72-78cm (28-30in waist.) It's pretty exact and doesn't stretch much.
Worn a total of 2 times. Near perfect condition.
$30 Shipped