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Last day of Sale! Doujinshi & Gashapon B1G1 1/2 off~

I have plenty of good feedback to provide. Prices do not include shipping, any shipping materials (if necessary, mostly in the case of doujinshi) paypal fees or delivery confirmation. From now on, delivery confirmation is necessary, and will be figured into your shipping cost. Items have been stored in a smoke-free but pet friendly home.

What I'm selling:

Figures/Dolls/Gashapon: Gundam Wing, Cardcaptor Sakura, BOME, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Fullmetal Alchemist, Dark Stalkers, Ranma 1/2, Lucky Star, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Bleach, etc.

Doujinshi: FFVII, Rurouni Kenshin, Bleach, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Axis Powers Hetalia

Keychains/Straps: Lucky Star, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Rozen Maiden, Hayate the Combat Butler

Art Books:Gundam Wing, Magic Knight Rayearth, Weiss Kreuz

CD's and DVD's: Lucky Star, Cardcaptor Sakura, El Cazador de la Bruja, Gundam 00

Misc. other items


Haruhi Suzumiya Live Alive Sega Figure-NRRB, box has minimal damage.
Price:40.00 OBO

DX Posing figure of Lust from FMA. NRFB
Price:30.00 firm

SD Gundam Operation Meteor 2 NRFB

SD Gundam Operation Meteor 3 NRFB

1-Asahina Mikuru from the future. Price:8.00
2-Cheerleader Asahina Mikuru.Price:6.00
3-Tsuruya maid outfit.Price:9.00
4-Bathing suit Asahina Mikuru.Price:8.00
5-Good Smile Co. Asahina Mikuru maid.Price:12.00
8-Tsuruya santa claus hat.Price:6.00

Renji in school uniformSOLD

Blue Warrior Sakura doll. NRFB but dang does it look beat up. Somehow her hair is even messy in the box. If you decide you want it but not the box, it will make shipping cheaper.

BOME Ignis. NRFB, just has some dust on it. Shipping will be a bit pricey on this gal, since her box is so big.
Price:45.00 OBO Legit ones on ebay right now are 60+

1.Maes HughesPrice:SOLD
2.Winry RockbellPrice:3.00
3.Winry on bedPrice:8.00
4.Riza HawkeyePrice:3.00
6.Envy posingPrice:6.00

Lots and lots of straps and key chains. I only have 1 of each, save for number 5. Please ask for them by number and not the character, since I have multiple versions of some characters. Just keeps the confusion down ^_^; These have never been used before.
Price:2.00 each

NRFB Chibi Evangelion character. She worked in Nerv, that's all I can remember XD

NRFB Tallgeese II. The box does have some damage and worn corners, but all in all it's in remarkably good condition for an item over 10 years old.
Price: 20.00 OBO

Army Mode Mobile Suit Leo. NRFB, but box has wear and tear from being 10+ years old.
Price: 7.00

Caren OrtensiaPrice:4.00
Lillith sitting downPrice:4.00
Lillith bending overPrice:10.00

Faye Valentine:SOLD
Ranma bobble headPrice:3.00
Cutey HoneyPrice:4.00
Seras Victoria:SOLD

Revolutionary Girl Utena-I think it's some sort of playset? You can put the stickers on the rings, there's some cards, and even the candy it came with. I wouldn't suggest eating it though, lol. Price:10.00

Please note that samples can be provided. I just didn't post them because it's already pretty image heavy.

Axis Powers Hetalia
Circle: AAA
21 Pages
Japan x England
Comedy and fluff. For some reason, England is a child. Japan threatens to put him in a dress.

Axis Powers Hetalia: A many splendored thing
28 Pages
Japan x England
Comedy, slice of life story. England turns the tables and threatens to cook for Japan, which puts him into catatonic shock.
Price: 5.00

Axis Powers Hetalia: Genius Party
Circle: AAA
28 Pages
Japan x England
Comedy. I can't tell if it's their children, or just mini versions of them. But they're a family.

Death Note: Unknown title
Circle: Galapagos
36 Pages
L x Light
Gag and humor.

Circle: Weekend
24 Pages
Various Characters
Mostly comedy and gag

Bleach: Out of Order
Circle: Might is Right
40 Pages
Orihime, Uryuu, Chad and Ichigo
Centers around the crew at the beginning of entering Seireitei to save Rukia. Good art, and the cover has a really interesting texture.

Bleach: Bomb!
64 Pages
Various characters
Mostly comedy in a mini anthology. There is a shounen ai scene between Ukitake and Shunsui.

Bleach: Baka No Are
24 Pages
General, no set pairing
Another Comedy/gag doujin by Weekend

Bleach: Nanjai Balagan Tai-Bon Jaanaika
Circle: Kanzen Usamin
28 Pages
Arrancar central
Gag doujinshi

Bleach: Ghost Heart
Circle: Unknown
12 Pages
Gin x Kira
Drama and angst

Circle: Akira Hujiwara/Yumemiya
40 Pages
Kon Fan Book
Comedy, all about Kon in Ichigo's body.
Price: 8.00

Rurouni Kenshin:Unknown
Circle: Unknown
16 Pages
Kenshin x Kaoru
Drama and angst

Rurouni Kenshin: Each of Life
24 Pages
Kenshin x Kaoru
Drama and fluff. Depicts normal life, with Yahiko and Sagara. Has 1 risque drawing, but nothing over a PG
Price: 6.00

Circle: Hori Erio/Midorima Atene
14 Pages
Avalanche group. Does have a Vincent x Cloud scene
Mostly gag, but does have a shounen ai scene between Cloud and Vincent. Nothing explicit.

FFVII: Unknown
40 Pages
Reeve x Vincent
Comedy and gag. There are 12 pages of novel

Rurouni Kenshin: Kaoru with kimono coming off (I don't know the title unfortunately)
Circle: Unknown
19 Pages
Kenshin x Kaoru
Angst and drama. Risque cover and bath scene, but nothing perverted.

Fullmetal Alchemist: 5/6
Circle: Osarusan Panic
24 Pages
Roy x Riza
Hentai. Must be of age to purchase.


Magic Knight Rayearth Artbook. Has some shelf wear, but is in great condition other wise.
Price:25.00 OBO

Weiss Kreuz Artbook. The only way to get the manga, unless you collected the magazine it came out in. In very good condtion for it's age.

Gundam Wing Artbook. Minor shelf wear.

Gundam Wing English Artbook. Has shelf wear.


Cardcaptor Sakura movie: Just the shrink wrap removed, disc in pristine condition along with the case.Price:15.00

El Cazador de la Bruja Part 1: Just the shrink wrap removed, disc in pristine condition along with the packaging.Price:4.00

Gundam 00 Part 1. Discs are in great condition

3 Lucky Star CDs came with the Limited edition DVDs. Never been opened.
Price:4.00 each or 9.00 for all 3.
Haruhi CD came with Limited Edition DVDs. Opened, but never listened to.
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