onDEMAND l o v e r; R I E  (yonghwa) wrote in garagesalejapan,
onDEMAND l o v e r; R I E 

[KPOP] ZE:A Nativity & Leap for Detonation cds

I'm clearing out some old cds and here's two practically brand new cds from ZE:A

NATIVITY - $10 // shipping depends on your region

LEAP FOR DETONATION - $8 (missing part of the front cover) // shipping depends on your region

Please leave a comment if you're interested, along with you postal code so I can let you know how much shipping will be.
I can do paypal or money order (in the us) However, if you use a money order, I won't ship until I recieve the payment.

Thank you!
Tags: music: kpop
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