cute_market (cute_market) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Candy cute clothing (and repost - fake fur tail, Kagami wig, plush keychains, etc.)

DreamV/LinoSug Yummy Long Tee

Bought on Rakuten. Worn a couple of times, but I look hideous in pink :X Puffed sleeves. Size S. £6.00

MILK x Uniqlo Longsleeve Tee

Worn twice and washed, as new. Size S. (Other items not for sale) £6.00

Fairytale Chiffon Top

Beautiful quality long top bought in Harajuku. Never worn, not my colour :/ Label states size M, but it's more of a S-M. Gold glitter accents and lovely soft chiffon frills at the bottom, slightly puffed sleeves. £7.00

Baby Pink Fur Tail

100% FAKE FUR, 30cm long. Has been used, but will look like new if sponged down a little. £4.00

Paper Doll Sweater

Worn once or twice, looks nice over a shirt :) Bust measures 95-100cm, and it's 60cm long. £5.00

Lucky Star Kagami Wig

Has been used, but is in great condition. Could probably do with a gentle brushing with a wig brush, though - is a little rat-tailed from use and storage, as you can see from the first picture. Twin tails are each about a metre long. I'm including the ribbon, too. £12.00 shipped within UK only

Plush Keychain Lot

Onsen Manju is brand new with tag, but his towel is coming unglued (can easily be fixed with fabric glue). Panda Kitty was won in a UFO catcher, and ocha grandma is in great condition. £3.50

Multicoloured Retro Animals Skirt

Made from Japanese fabric, never worn, but a bit creased from being in the closet for so long. 40cm long, 60-80cm elasticated waist. £5.00
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