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DS: Many vintage anime/manga items for sale! Make An Offer!

Figurines, jewelry, keychains, cell phone straps, lolita accessories, etc.
Including a SIGNED manga by Nanae Chrono!!!!
Items start as low as $0.50
vintage Sailor Moon, CLAMP, Full Metal Alchemist, Arina Tanemura, My Neighbor Totoro...

♥ All items ship from Michigan, USA.
♥ Shipping is not included, as it is based on final contents of package.  Insurance is extra on top of shipping quotes.
♥ I accept Paypal or USPS money order (or cash, for local pick-up only)
♥ All items are from a smoke-free, pet-free home.
♥ Items will be sold to the person offering the highest reasonable amount
♥ feedback can be found HERE.

NOTE TO BUYERS: if you PM me, you MUST have your privacy option on your PMs turned OFF.  I have had three people PM me, but I cannot reply because of this!!!

#1. Angelic Pretty eco tote.  New in Package.  Comes with AP San Francisco button!  $30

#2. Magic Knight Rayearth playing cards.    $10 OBO
This deck of cards is about 19 years old!  In excellent condition!
he cards come in their own box, which slips inside of a protective case.  great illustrations on everything!

#3. Black Bird manga.  Volume 5.  English language.  Perfect condition, never read.  $6.50

#4.  Black Bird manga.  Volume 6.  English language.  Perfect condition, never read.  $6.50

#5. Peach Girl manga.  Volume 4.  Bilingual English/Japanese.  Read a few times.  $8
text is in English, with Japanese along the sides of the page.  It is uncommon to find bilingual manga, as they are expensive in Japan and are not available in the USA.

#6. Bride of the Water God manga.  Volume 4.  English Language.  Perfect condition, never read.  $6.50

#7. CLAMP Kimono book.  Contains illustration and photos.  English language.  Read once.  $8
original price: $12.99

#8. SIGNED COPY of Vassalord vol. 1 by Nanae Chrono!   Purchased from Mandarake.   $45

Signed in silver pen, 2007.  Has been stored in plastic.

#9. Harajuku lolita kitty button pin.   New in plastic.   $2.50

#10. Sesshoumaru Plushie.  New with Tags.  US version.   $10

#11. miniature Totoro figurine.  Still in its wrapper!  $3.50
I will open it and look inside only if someone guarantees purchase!  As best I can tell, it is a small quartz figurine?

#12. My Neighbor Totoro hand towel.  New With Tag.  $12

#13. Chance Pop Session stickers.  $3 for the set.

#14. 2008 CLAMP desk calendar.  New in Plastic.  $2.50  (this is the size of a CD)

#15. vintage Sailor Mars enamel and metal ring.  $5

Very old and the clear coating is starting to yellow.  Probably from the early 90s?  At one point, Mars fell off and was re-glued to the ring.  Metal band is adjustable, but was made for small fingers.

#16. Sailor Mars capsule toy.  $3.50 SOLD
It comes into pieces, which is why I think she's a capsule toy.

#17. Roy and Riza keychain and cell phone strap set.  $4

Riza was used and shows some wear.  Roy is like new.

#18. Sailor Mars keychain $3.50

#19.  Sailor Mars keyring.  $2

(c)2000 Irwin.  This keyring shows heavy use.

#20. Eternal Sailor Moon keychain.  $4 SOLD

#21. Sailor Starfighter keychain.  $4

#22. Sailor Neptune keychain.  $4 SOLD

#23. Sailor Uranus keychain.  $4 SOLD

#24. Sailor Mars hair clips.  $8

#25. Sailor Mars necklace.  At one point, this had a box.  If I find it, I'll mail it, too!  $10

full photo of necklace with chain

#26. large Sailor Mars sticker  $3

#27. Hello Satan sticker  $1

#28.  large Super Sailor Mars sticker  $3

purchased at "Middle Earth" in Ann Arbor, MI back around 1997.

#29.  Sailor Mars sticker $3

#30.  Sailor Mars sticker $3

Purchased at "The Peaceable Kingdom" in Ann Arbor, MI back around ~1997. 

#31. Very large Sailor Moon metallic trading card.  Damaged.  $2

I could not get the lighting right for this photo!
Back is damaged in 2 spots.  I probably taped it to my locker.

#32. Cardcaptor Sakura "Happy Girl's Day" postcard.  New.  $2.50

#33.  Gentleman's Alliance Cross sparkly postcard.  New.  $2.50

#34. Gentleman's Alliance Cross postcard.  New.  $2

#35. Mistress Fortune postcard.  New.  $2

#36. Baby, The Stars Shine Bright postcard.  Damaged.  $0.50

#37. Alice and the Pirates photograph  $0.50

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