bob lemon (boblemon) wrote in garagesalejapan,
bob lemon

Last Chance!

Doujinshi moving/spring cleaning sale here at my journal.
>Shipping in from Japan (international shipping starts at $4.00)

One day sale
Half off all prices until tomorrow (when I take them to the recycle shop)
Prices start at $1.00!
There are several free items (you pay shipping).

Items include:
2 Arashi Doujinshi: Sho/Ohno
1 KAT-TUN Doujinshi: Jin/Kame (crossdressing), unofficial pencil boards (KAT-TUN, Hey! Say! Best)
6 Kingdom Hearts Doujinshi: Axel/Roxas, Riku/Sora, Terra/Ventus
Other Doujinshi: Phoenix Wright, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy III, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Naruto
Tags: doujinshi, idols: johnny's
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