Leah (littlered) wrote in garagesalejapan,

[Selling] Tiger&Bunny official merch/doujin & Final Fantasy/KH items & Hetalia series

As of April 6th, unless previous arrangements have been made, I will be on selling/group order hiatus to focus on the figure pre-orders I have taken for April. Get it now before I box up these things for storage until the summer.

I ship internationally/accept paypal.

Quick Links -
Official Tiger & Bunny Series 2 Pins
Tiger & Bunny Animate Fair (film strips and stickers) items and other merch
Tiger & Bunny Doujin(07 Ryoko Charms, SCAPEGOAT, CANDYMAN, and more)
Final Fantasy VII Yubinbasya Doujin
KingdomHearts/Final Fantasy and Hetalia Merchandise
-----Discount Doujin for Tiger & Bunny, in like-new condition-----
7USD and under discount like-new Taibani Doujn <= these are dirt cheap for the prices I'm asking in comparison to other sale's journals.
Tags: collectibles, doujinshi
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