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[SELLING] Gosick : The Novel - in English

Hi, I am selling the first volume of Gosick novel. It´s novel adaption of the manga and anime. Really nice storyline (You will love Victoria´s character).

Language: English
Pages: 192
Color: Black & White - with few all-page drawings
Publisher: TokyoPop
Authors: Kazuki Sakuraba, Hinata Takeda

Summary: Europe, 1924: Kazuya Kujo--an international student from Japan--and her friend Victoria try to solve the murder case of a famous fortune teller. But when they do, they discover an even bigger mystery...something that holds the key to a sinister secret...

Since the book is completely new the price is 9euros (plus shipment).
I prefer European buyers (if you are from Slovak republic or Germany then the shipment is really not that high! - from what I already sold the "shipment" was about 3euros)


Tags: manga: english
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