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05 April 2012 @ 09:47 pm
JRock, JFashion, Anime bundle auction, Stickers, Handmade accessories  

Special sales: Spend more than £10, get an item of £5 or less for free! :D

PRICES REDUCED! Also selling:
- Big anime goods bundle
- Accessories: Swimmer, X-Girl, Muchacha Acahcum
- Magazines: Zipper, CUTiE, V!NYL SYNDICATE, SHOXX, Newsmaker, Twins photobooks and YES magazine
- JRock: The GazettE Decomposition Beauty DVD & sticker, Miyavi large sticker sheet, Pierrot, Vidoll, Rentrer En Soi, various artist flyers
- Stickers: for phones, keyboards and paper, large stickers sheets

Please have a look here :D