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[selling] Mint Arpakasso

Selling the king pins of my Arpakasso collection. I have friends coming to visit in a few weeks, and unlike my other things I'm putting into storage, I don't want to put these babies in because I worry they'll take on the odor of my storage space and that would be a shame.

These two are 48cm tall from ear to hoof (paw?) (height wise). Depending on how quickly these go, I may put up additional Arpakasso plush and keycharms that I have in an effort to trim my collection.

-Price per individual plush is 40USD (includes shipping).
-These are from the Macaron collection.
-Still have their butt tags.
-I am the original owner - I won these from the claw.
-Mint condition - were stored out of sunlight on my book shelf.
-I will look at reasonable offers.
-I ship internationally.

Please leave a comment here at the comm, or over at my master sales post located here.

Thank you <3

Regional Arpakassos <3 15USD each (includes shipping)

White or Peach - 25USD (includes shipping)

Pink - 25USD (includes shipping)

Necktie Arpakasso <3 20USD (includes shipping)

White (or Pink, not pictured) hot water bottle cover - 30USD (includes shipping). Brand new, never used, comes with hot water bottle too. Sold

Pink Arpakasso - Large (43-45cm from ear to bottom) - 40USD (includes shipping)

Disney Arpakasso~! Donald Duck - 15USD (includes shipping)

Pink or Peach phone straps - 15USD each (includes shipping)

Misc -

25USD (includes shipping and free gift).
Tags: collectibles, toys
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