Frozen (frozenemotion9) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Lots of cute clothes for Sale

Please Take a look at my cute clothes: EGA, EGL, FRuITs, Engrish, its all adorable!

Please take a look at my yahoo photos album, there are two directories: one ofr EGA/EGL stuff and another for Cute Asian styled clothes in general! All the prices and sizes are listed under the picture and a more detail description is givin once you click the picture.

Gallery here:

All the prices include first class shipping to the US. Shoes get free priority shipping. If you would like priority shipping for something please add $2. If you buy more than 4 or more items there is free priority shipping.

The buyers get priority for items over those still questioning. If you would like more pictures or measurements or have questions, please ask! I will not do holds.

I accept paypal, check, and money order. I ship when payment is cleared.

I also trade but for japanese brand name items only(h.naoto,btssb,metamorphos,etc, no replicas please) ie i will trade multiple clothing items for one brand name).

Thanks for looking~

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