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YAOI manga + two free gifts (manga preview magazines)

Selling YAOi manga "From up Above" + you will get two freebies.
+ I can get you shonen-ai or YAOI bookmark for free as well :)

I am selling manga "Fron up Above" (ある日空から突然に。 Aru Hi Sora Kara Totsuzen ni) by Sakuya Kurekoshi.
My price is 10 euros. And you will get two manga "magazines" for free - Tokimeki and Shinkan - these magazines are most likely to show you what´s new in the word of manga - what´s gonna be published soon (I always gets a lots of inspiration while listing thru them - sadly I can´t speak Deutch so I don´t understand a word) + there are some "preview" pages of the mangas (see photos below). Each magazine has fully colored pages (except pages with manga - see photos), mint condition, about 50 pages each. Tokimeki is from the year 2010 but I don´t know from what year is Shinkan (I think from the same).
Language: Manga is completely in english, preview magazines are in Deutch! - thus I recommend it to Germany buyers (the shipment to Germany is about 2-7 euros. Contact me for more details about shipment/post fees to your place.

Summary: Yuuto is an ordinary run-of-the-mill high school student. But one day he gets struck by lightning, and things start to take a turn. A strange person, who goes by the name “Kazuchi”, shows up and starts following Yuuto around. Kazuchi turns out to be a ghost with mysterious spiritual powers, and proclaims (insists!) that Yuuto is the reincarnation of Princess Aki from a thousand years ago. Now, Kazuchi won’t leave Yuuto alone until he remembers who he really is!
Refference: Mania Entertainment's Patricia Beard said  From Up Above has a "cute story", and that Kurekoshi's art had "a fluidity and ease in the style" which lent itself to the tone of the story. Holly Ellingwood, writing for Active Anime, compared From Up Above to Fushigi Yuugi, praising the "imagination" in the details of the story, and Kurekoshi's "flowing art" and story.

More photos:

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