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Bento! Tops! Accessories!

Seller info: I'm located in the U.S. I only accept USD via PayPal, cash, and money orders. I will ship international, but the price will be a bit more to cover shipping.

You can always try to make an offer if you don't like the price. I also consider trades! Thanks!


Giraffe Bento Set - $10.00 Shipped
New! Includes bento box, chopsticks, chopsticks box, and bag with velcro to keep everything secure!

Black Bento Box - $5.00 Shipped
New! Plain black two-layer bento box. Very sophisticated-looking!


Battle Royale Tee - $10.00 Shipped
Fruit of the Loom Lofteez Size Youth 14/16 (Youth L or XL). Fits Women's Size M or L. Like new.
Measurements: 17.5" across (at armpit), 23" down (from the tag to the bottom of the shirt)

Ai Yori Aoshi All-Over Print Tank Top - $15.00 Shipped
Size M. Same print on both sides! So cool! Like new.
Measurements: 15.5" across (at armpit), 17" down (at the middle)


Blue Piko Wristband - $5.00 Shipped
Never worn! A bit longer than normal wristbands. Bought this in a small, hip Japanese boutique. I think Piko is a Japanese surfer company or something.

Chinese Lucky Bag - $5.00 Shipped
Black and gold messenger-style purse with Chinese print and adjustable straps. Has a pocket on the side for cell phone, and zippered compartments on the back and inside. Used but still sturdy and cute!
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