Randi Padgett (gut_stains0) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Randi Padgett

Selling: Loveless Vol. 3 & Gravitation Vol 1, Plus Kawaii Jewelry

Just trying to make a little money, please have a look. ^^

**Shipping is from Georgia
**Open to haggling
**Paypal address is hensoncompass@hotmail.com
**Accepting concealed cash and Paypal payment

Gravitation Vol. 1 Fateful First Encounter - $10 w/ shipping (Perfect condition, never played, still has sticker on top)
Loveless Vol. 3 Hope on the Run $10 w/ shipping (Perfect condition, still in plastic wrapping)

(I've bought all of this either from Japanese sites or here on LJ, it's all in new or like new condition.)

A: Pink Panda, Care Bears, Flower Watches $4 (The flower on the yellow one comes off and you can put a heart, fish or star on it.)
B: Blue Hello Kitty Strap/Necklace $5
C: Huge bunch of colorful necklaces & bracelets $4
D: Pink Heart Headband $3
E: Rings $3 (This includes the Hello Kitty Pop Open Watch Ring over by the watches)
F: Sanrio Pez dispensers $5

Or entire lot for $13 w/ shipping

Tags: anime, fashion: general
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