Seiko (shiagurl) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Some anime DVDs for sale:

If any of you would be interested in buying any of the following DVDs, let me know:

~Tsukikage Ran: Carried by the Wind vol. 1 (if you like comedy anime, this is a good one)
~Fancy LaLa vol. 1 or 2 (a cute, girlish anime)
~DBZ - History of Trunks (come on! We all love DBZ, right?)
~Soul Taker (A bit strange, but still has a great plot.)
~Shamanic Princess: The Complete Series (awesomely good anime mini-series)

Click on the title listed to see a picture that I took of it. For good measure, here is a picture of all of the DVDs together. All of the DVDs have both the English and Japanese versions on them, and for the Japanese version, subtitles are available.

Everything I listed here is in nearly brand-new condition, only watched a few times. There is no wear on the DVDs or the packaging at all. Since they are in almost perfect condition, and these particular series aren't nearly as easy to find as most, I'm looking for about $15 each + shipping (which is about $15 cheaper than the price you would get for them at an anime convention), but I'm willing to bargain on the prices. Payment is preferred in the form of a money order or concealed cash.

So email me at or leave a comment here if you're interested in anything.
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