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29 May 2012 @ 12:08 am
Yugioh FULL deck for sale~ Plants~  
Hey everyone~

I'm here to sell off a YuGiOh PLANT deck. Below is a list of all the cards, pictures, and if you have any questions, post~ This deck has EVERYTHING for plant decks of all types, so I'd suggest building off it. I just collected them all but I'm in need for some extra cash and I don't play much with it anymore. I'm also including a green Ultra Pro Deck box and 70 Ultra Pro Green Sleeves as well~

I'd like to get $66 out of this, because I totaled it all up and that's what it's worth. However, if you throw me an offer and it's not too bad, I might bite. ;D Just respond here~

On to the list!

Dandylion - NM 1st Secret Rare
Violent Witch - NM 1st Ultra Rare
Cactus Bouncer - NM Unlimited Secret Rare
Naturia White Oak - NM Unlimited Secret Rare
Lonefire Blossom - NM Unlimited Rare
Blue Rose Dragon - NM Unlimited Secret Rare
Naturia Strawberry - NM 1st Super Rare
Fairy King Trusdale - NM Unlimited Secret Rare
Naturia Bamboo Shoot - NM 1st Ultimate Rare
Gigantic Cephalotus - NM Unlimited Common
Naturia Tulip - NM 1st Super Rare
Tytannial, Princess of Camellias NM Unlimited, Ultra Rare
Gigaplant x2 - NM 1st, Unlimited Rare
Bird of Roses - NM 1st Super Rare
Hedge Guard - NM 1st Common
Koa'Ki Meiru Gravirose - NM Unlimited Ultra Rare
Botanical Lion x2 - NM Unlimited Super rare
Homunculus the Alchemic being - NM Unlimited Common
Naturia cosmobeet - NM Unlimited Super Rare
Rose Tentacles x3 - NM Unlimited Common
Twilight Rose Knight - Played 1st Super Rare
Naturia Cliff - NM Unlimited Secret Rare
Spore - NM Limited Edition Super Rare
Cactus Fighter - NM Unlimited Rare
Nettles - NM Unlimited Common
Wall of Ivy - NM Unlimited Common
Vampire Orchis x3 - NM 1st Common
Des Dendle x3 - NM 1st Common
Green Phantom King - NM Unlimited Common

Extra Deck
Queen of Thorns - NM Unlimited Super rare
Splendid Rose - NM 1st Ultra Rare

Seed Cannon - NM 1st Common
Mark of the Rose - NM Unlimited Ultimate Rare
Thorn of Malice - NM Unlimited Common
The World Tree - NM Unlimited Rare
Miracle Fertilizer x3 - NM 1st Rare
Earth Chant - NM 1st Common
Spiritual Forest - NM 1st Common
Super Solar Nutrient x3 - NM 1st Common
Fragrance Storm - NM Unlimited Common

Plant food chain x3 - NM unlimited Common
Overdoom Line - NM 1st .25 Common
Blossom Bombartment x3 - NM Unlimited Common
Pollinosis - NM Unlimited Rare
Wall of Thorns - NM 1st Rare
Ivy Shackles - NM 1st Common

And for even more sales, go to http://firebomb.livejournal.com. I have Pokemon cards as well as even more Yugioh cards~ Thanks for looking~

Peechepeeche00 on May 29th, 2012 05:35 am (UTC)
Hey I was looking at your deck and I noticed that you have Spore in there. I just want to inform you that Spore is now banned in the latest Yu-gi-oh! format (ban list update on March 1, 2012). It would be best if you updated the information (and the bottom middle photo too, if possible) and took the card out.
レスリーfirebomb on May 29th, 2012 05:37 am (UTC)
I never said this was a legal deck. Mostly I'm just selling off my plant cards. *shrugs* I also mentioned that it has cards to create a plant deck with. This deck is by no means ready for action. plus, I said comments if there's any questions.