lovely_loots (livingdeadbunny) wrote in garagesalejapan,

selling some chekis from jrock bands (vistlip, screw, nega, secilia luna)

Hello howdy ho!

Desperately need money, hence selling these off:

Vistlip Rui Cheki
Selling price: USD$18

Screw Kazuki cheki with signature *ULTRA RARE !*  from the year 2006!
Selling price:  3500yen (USD$44) or best offer. (payment to be sent in USD)

Secilia luna kyoki cheki with signature

Selling price: USD$10

Megaromania Misery and Leda cheki *RARE*

Selling price:  1500 (USD$19)
(payment to be sent in USD)

Nega all-member cheki signed by the whole band *ULTRA RARE!!!*
There are some flaws on this cheki... I'm in the process of uploading the 
photos of the flaws.

Selling price:  3500yen (USD$44) or best offer. (payment to be sent in USD)

It's approximately 2 x larger than the size of a regular cheki.
It's sold in very limited quantities.

Terms and conditions:
-Items to be shipped out from Singapore (S.E. asia)
-Prices stated already includes cost of shipping via airmail
-I accept paypal only.
-Paypal fees will be split between the buyer and seller. 
-items will be mailed via standard AIRMAIL. If you wish to
use tracked airmail, there will be an additional $2 charge.

-my feedback can be found here:
-I am aware the prices may be high. Most of them were
bought via an auction website. I'd just like to cover back
the costs. 

-I'll make sure to use some cardboard to keep the cheki from
bending before having them mailed.

thanks so much for looking! :)

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