Riku Mihawk (lukaxrenjou) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Riku Mihawk

Japan Sale & Wishlist Updated 2012


- New Items are added every month, don't forget to drop by again soon.

- Please Do Not Forget to read "Sale Terms" before buying.

- Order Form available, please use it to order any items you are interested in.

- Shipping Worldwide, low prices & offers always available.

- Ask any questions you may have before buying.

New Items Available:

Karneval, Code Geass, Ao No Exorcist, Toki No Kizuna, & more..

UPDATE: My Personal Collection has also been uploaded, feel free to take a look around, if interesting in anything let me know, there are a few items I wouldn't mind selling from there, please be aware most of those items are Not for sale. Over 200+ Items Included in my Personal Collection, some have yet to be uploaded.

CLICK HERE OR Just follow the link to it on my Sale Page under "Links" - Personal Collection - 

I also have a wishlist, only some items I am really looking for have been added but more will be added soon, as I see what I like to have.

CLICK HERE OR Just follow the link to it on my Sale Page under "Links" - Wishlist-

Tags: anime, artbooks, collectibles, doujinshi, magazines, manga: english, manga: japanese, manga: other, posters, video games, wanted
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