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Selling a bunch of things Yaoi, Death Note, Jpop (Daisuke Asakura-related/ DA Family), Japanese magazines: Pati-Pati and Arena 37c, Anime, drawing book please take a look

To those of you who attempted to order from me previously I do apologize for not responding I did not expect several responses
To everyone else I may be late responding, be patient and feel free to keep trying to reach me

I have feedback listed here for livejournal:
and here as an ebay seller:

Terms and Conditions

I hold items for about a week

I accept paypal(preferred), or check, money order, and well concealed cash (at your own risk!!!!)

* Currently I am NOT accepting trades sorry I am in need of money *

If you want more pictures or info please contact me by leaving a comment or sending me a message by email or here on live journal.

I am not responsible for lost or damaged items in the mail.You may ask to add insurance for an additional $1.37 (I will include confirmation no charge)

I prefer to ship only within the US, if you live in a different country then you must be willing to pay the postage

Some of the manga I am selling is M rated Yaoi therefore I will not sell these items to a minor, if you wish to buy items listed as Yaoi then please include your birth year


(Sorry for the blurry pics if better pictures are wanted please ask below)

Legal Drug vol. 2&3 $2 for both
Family Complex  (SOLD)
Eerie Queerie (shonen-ai) $2

Only the Ring Finger Knows Manga (Shonen-ai) $3
Only the Ring Finger Knows novel the Lonely ring finger (Shonen-ai) $ 2
(Buy both for $4)

Ludwig II vol 1&2 (Yaoi) $4 each (they are thick) or $6 for both
Alone in my King's harem (Yaoi) $3
Romantic Illusions (Yaoi) (SOLD)

Anima by Dani & Dani (Yaoi) $2
The Lily and the Rose by Dani & Dani (Yaoi) $2
I.D.O.L. by Dani & Dani (Yaoi) $2
(buy all 3 for $4)
Winter Demon by Yamila Abraham vol.1-4 (Yaoi) $2 each or all 4 for $6

Death Note items:


Death Note: Another Note (novel) $2 (Silver writing above has rubbed off)
Death Note: L Change the World (Novel) $2
Death Note 13 (guide book) $1 (does not come with trading card, that was ripped out when I bought it)


Moonlight Killer (Yaoi) 1&2 Pairing Light X L $2 each or both for $3
Silky Voice Pairing Light X L (Yaoi) $2
Death Note Doujinshi Light XL-R18; (Yaoi) (not sure of the name feel free to fill me in)$2
Isotone (Shonen-ai) Pairing Light X L and MelloX Near (has water damage) $1
Max Heart (Yaoi) Pairing Light X L (has yellowing on 4th page) $1
How's It Going?(Shonen-ai) Near X Mello $2
Corazone (Yaoi) Near X Mello $2

Toys/ Plushies:

Near, L, and Mello bobble head dolls $1 each or all 3 for $2

Light and L Plushies approx. 12-12 1/2 inches (32 cm) $5 for both or $3 each (or best offer feel free to make an offer)
Condition: On L, his cell phone has pulled off (I stuck it back up there for the pic) Light's Scythe has also pulled off from the top as seen in the pic above (however I bought the plushie with the scythe upside down as it was) I don't know how to explain this with the hair but I have noticed with a lot of my plushies it tends to pull apart example there's a pic of Light's hair here
I will admit I'm not good at sewing this stuff back on sorry


Death Note Movies (Both first one and the Last Name) $5 for both or $3 each


I'm just going to include this here in my Death Note section since this is the actor who played Light in the Movies and I don't have any other work of his currently)

Tatsuya Fujiwara Photobook No Control $10 (I bought this for $30 so I am starting at $10)

Jpop: DA Family and Pati Pati


Access: Sync Truth $4

Iceman (Michihiro Kuroda, Kenichi Ito, Daisuke Asakura) photobook $4
Iceman Calendar book (1998 I believe) $2
Both for $5

Michihiro Kuroda Photobooks Leap before you Look (consists of 2 photo books, 1 big, 1 small (sorry big one on the right is hidden will post a pic on request) postcards and CD voices) $8
Michihiro Kuroda Photobook 07/15/99 (on the left open) $4
Buy whole lot for $10

Takanori Nishikawa (TM Revolution) Photobooks)
Starman from Miracle Wonder Planet $4
Ray of Light $4


Pati-Pati listed as follows (Left to right, top to bottom) If you need more info (e.g. Who's listed on the front please pic an issue and ask)
March 2002 (Naohito Fujiki, The Gospellers inside flip cover, Naohito Fujiki cover bent please ask for pic if needed) $3
July 2002 (Gackt cover bottom bent please ask for pic if needed) $3
December 2002 (Gackt cover bent towards spine please ask for pic if needed) $3
July 2003 (Hyde actually only has scratches please ask for pic if needed) $3
January 2006 (Style 2005-2006 cover has scratches please ask for pic if needed) $3
April 2007 (Tetsu, cover is bent as seen above please ask for pic if needed) $3
August 2007 (SID corners bent please ask for pic if needed) $3
November 2007 (Yuzu, top corner has a bend please ask for pic if needed) $3

Arena 37c June 2006 (cover actually looks good) $3


Kyo Kara Maoh! volume 1 and season 2 vol 2 $2 each or both for $3 (English dub)
Miyazki's Spirited Away (Walt Disney American release) $2 (English dub)

I will post more items later

*Update* I just received an email from someone saying they had trouble posting if you want to order and have the same problem just feel free to email me at my email below

To order

Please either leave a comment below or email me at with:
the items you want
zip code (for shipping costs)
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