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20% Off Sale!

I'm having a sale at my shop! Just use the code 20off when you check out, for 20% off of everything!
Sale is for 1 week only!

I have just opened up a shop at store envy to sell mostly used cd's.
I also have a few dvd's, photo sets, posters, and other random things.
There are 25 out of 86 products that are not of Asian origin, so instead of linking directly to my store, I will link to each product that is of Asian origin.
If you prefer to buy from me here, and not store envy, just leave a comment, and we'll work it out!
I currently only ship to the USA, because of the expense of sending things overseas securely.
I have all good feed on back on eBay,Amazon,EGL sales,and my selling journal

Chara - Happy Toy CD
Chara - Junior Sweet
chatmonchy-shangrila cd
Duel Jewel - Jewelry Box DVD
Duel Jewel Life on.. Poster
Duel Jewel es Poster
Duel Jewel Iolite poster
Duel Jewel photo set 1
Duel Jewel photo set 2
Duel Jewel photo set 3
Duel Jewel photo set 4
Duel Jewel photo set 5
Duel Jewel photo set 6
The Emeralds - Surfing Baby CD
Flame - What can I CD
Hamasaki Ayumi - A song for xx CD
Hamasaki Ayumi - I am... cd
Hamasaki Ayumi - Rainbow CD
heidi. - Orange Drama CD
Hysteric Blue - Baby Blue CD
Hysteric Blue - Wallaby CD
Janga69 - Janga 69 CD
Koike Teppei - Kimi ni okuru uta CD
Koike Teppei - First Letter Photo Book
Lead - Lead movies 1 DVD
Lead - Night Deluxe CD+DVD
Lead - Sunny Day CD
Lucifer - Tsubasa CD
Lucifer - Junk City
Milphinne - Sweet Candy cd
Otsuka Ai - Love Cook CD
Plastic Tree - Utsusemi Poster
Porori - Yumeru hana CD
Porori - Shochuu omimai CD
Porori - Agressive Star CD
Porori Photo Set
Princess Princess - Dolls in Action CD
Puffy - Fever Fever CD
Smap - 009 CD
Sugar Moon Champs Elysees CD
SuG - Noiz Star CD
Tamaki Nami -Heroine CD
Super Junior - Super Show DVD
Super Junior -Super Show 2 DVD
Tanpopo - otome pasta ni kandou CD
Tanpopo = Be Happy koi no yajirobee CD
Tsushimamire - Six Girls Mix CD
WaT - Boku no kimochi CD
WaT - Ready Go!! CD
WaT - Hava Rava CD
WaT - Bokura no love story CD
WaT 36c CD
WaT - sotsugyou time bokura no hajimari CD
WaT - Music Video Collection
WaT - 36 poster
Bastard Vol. 1 Japanese Graphic Novel
Kaikan Phrase Vol.16 Japanese Graphic Novel
CASE ONLY for Zelda Spirit Tracks DS
Tags: music: jpop, music: jrock, music: kpop, posters
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