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So I've got like, one dresser, and it has to hold all my clothes AND Jappo stuff. And I'm outta space, and also this stuff doesn't fit me anymore! So if anyone here is interested in any of this, please let me know! We'll work out a deal. Don't be afraid to make an offer. And if for some reason you have Kishidan shirts in M or S and want to trade or something, I'd love to!

Lareine - Setsurenka, Cinderella Fantasy singles. First press with DVDs.
SMAP - super.modern.artistic.performance, 013 Birdman, 006 Sexy Six, 014 S-map. All are first press, s.m.a.p. is sealed and new. Free SMAP poster to whoever claims it first! I actually don't know what it looks like, I got it with the s.m.a.p. release and never unrolled it to check it out.

TOKIO - 5 Round, PV DVD.
NOIZ - Japan Toy's Panic 2004 (I think?) and 2007.
Hold Up Down - It's a movie! Starring V6! It's actually pretty good! And the DVD has English subtitles.

CHAOS FROM KISHIDAN shirt. Size L. It needs ironing. The print on the tag has been worn off.

Another Kishidan shirt! It's not really a T-shirt, it's got a weird hem and 3/4 sleeves. Size L. I really liked this shirt, mainly because of the old yankee on the bottom. I'd love to have it in M.

Kishidan shirt "The Rising Sun". Shows their logo, on the back it says "ikouze, period no mukou he". Size L!

NOIZ M32 shirt. From their M32 tour back in 2006. Size XL. The print is kind of a glittery gold. Needs ironing.

Another NOIZ shirt. I honestly don't remember exactly which tour this is from, I think it was the one before Emergency Horny. Brand new, never worn except to be tried on when I discovered it did not fit. Size M.

One Piece shirt. Front says "The symbol of 'death'". The back has logos from several pirate crews. Bought it at the Jump store in Tokyo either in 2006 or 2008. Size L.

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