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CDs, DVD, Pamphlets, towels, goods for sale

So after I've spent an obscene amount of money on tickets this morning it's time to try and clear out some stuff again.

Bands include D'espairsRay, AYABIE, THE KIDDIE, GOATS BLACK OUT, Moran, baroque, GACKT, SADS, Kuroyume, amber gris, GUILD etc.

*all items ship from Japan
*payment in Japanese yen by paypal, fees paid by buyer
*additional 100yen packing fee applies
*prices do not include shipping cost
*prices negotiable in case of buying multiple items

*photos and additional information upon request

*any other questions, don't hesitate to ask

*feedback at my sales journal glamorousales

Thank you for looking!

I can't seem to link to the photos individually so here's a link to an album with photos of all goods except the CDs and DVD -> http://imageshack.us/g/20/img2412a.jpg/


A - single - Night of the Knights (CD+DVD) - 1000yen
A - single - Black Butterfly (incl. comment-DVD) - 800yen
バロック/baroque - single-box - 凛然アイデンティティ/teeny-tiny star/モノドラマ (new in original packaging) - 1300yen
Dablis - A.D.M/相姿想哀 demo single - 500yen
D'espairsRay - mini-album - BORN (CD+DVD LE) - 3000yen
D'espairsRay - mini-album - MAVERiCK (1st press, no obi) - 2000yen
D'espairsRay - single - Gärnet (no obi) - 1000yen
餞ハナむケ。 - album - 青春バリバリ特攻集『俺は腐ったトマトじゃねぇ』 (case shows clear signs of usage around the edges) - 1000yen
JACK+MW - 蜃気楼/螺旋 demo single - 500yen
ジミニークリケット- single - Paradox (live-only) - 500yen
RivaSquall - mini-album - Asymmetric by force - 1000yen
THE KIDDIE - single - smile CD+DVD 1000yen


GACKT - live - 2010 YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz 煌☆雄兎狐塾 ~男女混欲美濡戯祭~ THE DVD WITH MICROSD (Limited Edition incl. Micro-SD-card) - never actually got around to watching this so basically still brand new - 4500yen

Pamphlets & Magazines

AYABIE - 2011 tour SUMMER DIVER pamphlet - 2000
彩冷える - Colorful Rock Party 2009 - 1500yen
バロック/baroque - Last Indies Tour pamphlet - 1000yen
黒夢 - **** THE FAKE STAR 2011 pamphlet - 2000yen
THE KIDDIE - 「DAWN OF THE B.N.W」 2010 tour pamphlet - 1500yen

Fool's Mate 2011.08 - GACKT on cover, also features バロック[artist]/[artist]Baroque, LM.C, Vivid, ゴールデンボンバー etc - 500yen
TATTOO TRIBAL vol.47 featuring 葉月 from lynch. - 800yen


amber gris - small hand towel (unused, new in packaging) - 500yen
AYABIE - Virgin Snow Color 2nd season - 1500yen
AYABIE - 2011 tour SUMMER DIVER (pink) - 1200yen
黒夢 - **** THE FAKE STAR 2011 - 1200yen
SADS - MAD JULY DOLLS 2011 - 1200yen

All towels have been used and washed around 1-2 times

Other Goods

9GOATS BLACK OUT - The Retrospect art cards, each card has one member's sign on the back. All four for 1500yen
彩冷える - set of six A4-sized photos, individual member photos all signed. Aoi's photo has one fairly big crease which is mostly noticeable from the back though - 2500yen
AYABIE - Pen Light (fully functional, used a couple of times) - 1000yen
Moran - feather phone strap (new) - 1000yen
THE KIDDIE - ☆の光るやつ! 2010 ver (phone strap) (star lights up, fully functional, never used. I turned on the star a few times very briefly for my own enjoyment but that's it, so should have pleeenty of battery life left) - 800yen

Free with any purchase

NOISY CROWDS - sticker
Quinstet - photo
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