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[SALES] Yaoi DJ's

Selling this doujinshis with some discount/ lower price then I've in the normal sales thread! Please consider!

[Durarara!! & Code Geass+KHR]

B1 - コトノバケモノ ビフオ一 - $6
C1 - Code Geass Doujinshi - $4
C2 - Masochist Warning (v2) - $7.00 - 100% Like new
C3 - Cromo di Genio? - $5
D1 - Natch Musik $11
D2 - Sakuretsu Miryoudan - $8
D3 - Abnomal Position - $6.50

[Sengoku Basara+Code Geass+KHR]

E1 - 真田幸村による夜の滑舌教室 - $4
E2 - Pet. Friendship - $6
E3 - Sion $6
F2 - Melty Kiss - $5

Waiting for payment
Out of stock
Remember shipping not included, I do ship from Portugal to any country also it's around $4 if you buy only a book. I can combine shipping of course if you buy more then one book, also the shipping may be cheaper that way. If you buy more then 5 books I give a 35% discount in the shipping costs! I do use bubble warper as well if you want I can add a box card but it's up to you and it's optional!
Any question post here =D
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