kamerin_chan (kamerin_chan) wrote in garagesalejapan,

WTB Gin Tama v1 & 2 Certain Editions >>> Need these to finish set~!!!

I'm trying to hunt down volumes 1 & 2, BUT the kicker is I'm looking for certain editions of these books.

The copies I'm interested in are printed with a combination of gloss & matte on the covers. Usually the characters & titles are glossy while the rest of the book is matte/frosty. Later printings have an all matte/frosty cover. The front of the book should have ads for more Gin Tama products while the back pages have ads for subscribing to the Shonen Jump magazine. (Click for graphical example... The one on the left is a full matte cover while the one on the right is the gloss/matte...)

Also, I'm a serious manga collector-type. I'd like to avoid discolored pages (deep yellowing, even limited to the edges, is not a normal part of a manga's life...so says my books that are 7+ years old...), shelf wear, scuffs, etc...

Pictures would be great (particularly the corners of the book) since everybody's definition of a book's condition varies from person to person.

If anybody can give me a solid lead on this I would be incredibility grateful!!

Please help this poor collector out~!!
Tags: manga: english, wanted
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