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Manga Clearout

I've grown tired of some of my manga, and since it's just sitting on my bookcase not being read, I figure that it's time to make room for new books. Also, I need the monies.

Here is my feedback.
I am located in the United States.
I only accept payments through PayPal.
I only ship within the United States.
I ship via USPS Standard Shipping.

Vol. 1-7, 9, 11-26 ~ $4.50 per volume
Everything is used but in good condition!
Vol. 1-7  Vol. 9 & 11-17  Vol. 18-22  Vol. 23 - 26

Vol. 1-5 ~ $3.50 per volume
These books have visible though minimal wear. Two people have owned them before me, which accounts for them being slightly more worn. VOLUMES 7 & 8 HAVE BEEN SOLD.
Vol. 1-5

Death Note
Vol. 1-3 ~ $3.50 per volume
Vol. 5 & 6 ~ $4.00 per volume
Vol. 7-9 ~ $5.00 per volume
I've had Volumes 1-3 the longest, so they are the most worn, but they're still in good condition. Volumes 5 & 6 are used, but are in better condition than 1-3. Volumes 7-9 are like new!
Vol. 1-3 & 5-9

Sakura Taisen
Vol. 1 ~ $4.00
This book was owned by two other people before it reached me; it is used but in good condition!
Vol. 1

If you need anymore pictures, just ask!
Tags: franchise: death note, manga: english
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