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One Last Hurrah for the Summer Sale!

Looking to spice up these last weeks of summer with a little bargain priced fun?

SHIPPING: Cost of shipping within the US is already included in the price! All packages will be shipped using either USPS First Class or Media Mail (depending on total weight and contents) with Delivery Confirmation.

I can ship internationally, but shipping will be the exact cost as determined by weight and the USPS international shipping calculator.

Note for international buyers: Please keep in mind you are responsible for any customs duties or taxes incurred by your purchase. International purchases will not be undervalued or gifted.

PAYMENT: Only Paypal will be accepted at this time.

FEEDBACK: Feedback is available -->here<--

the_myrah - Bakuman 1-3, 5 & 6, [C3] Freebie - ITEM RECEIVED!
curryshop - Kingdom Hearts (PS2 Greatest Hits) - ITEM RECEIVED! FEEDBACK LEFT
aki0ari - Allison & Lillia Complete Series, Guin Saga Complete Series, Asriel 2010-2011 Calendar - SHIPPED! DC# PM'D! (DC MARKED AS DELIVERED)
silver_ronin - Fatal Fury Archives 1 & 2 - ITEM RECEIVED! FEEDBACK LEFT
ibakaringox33 - Full Moon o Sagashite 1-2, 5-7 - SHIPPED! CUSTOMS FORM# E-MAILED! FEEDBACK LEFT
gummybuns_chan - Half-Minute Hero (PSP), Heavenly Guardian (PS2) - ITEM RECEIVED! FEEDBACK LEFT
sandra666219 - Bride of the Water God 1-6, Soultaker Complete Series, Yasha Kiden: The Demon Princess 1 - ITEM RECEIVED! FEEDBACK LEFT
shivan128 [CAG] - Devil Kings (PS2) - SHIPPED! DC# PM'D (DC MARKED AS DELIVERED)
ryuzaki_desu - Vampire Hunter D - The Stuff of Dreams - SHIPPED! CUSTOMS FORM# POSTED
sobloodycute - Gunsmith Cats Omnibus 1-2 - SHIPPED! DC# POSTED
chelle1919 - Yurara 3-5 - SHIPPED! DC# POSTED

Items are being sold as-is, so if you have any additional questions regarding the condition something is in, or would like more photos taken, please be sure to ask!

Imgur Album Link:


Allison & Lillia Complete Series - $25 SOLD!
Condition: Like new

Guin Saga Complete Series - $25 SOLD!
Condition: Like new

The Gokusen Complete Series w/Cosplay Jacket - $10
Condition: Like new. Box housing cosplay jacket has some shelf wear, and the flaps don't close all the way.

You're Under Arrest Seasons 2 & 3 - $15
Condition: Like new

Soultaker Complete Series - $8 SOLD!
Condition: Discs are like new, but the DVD cases themselves have a decent amount of shelf wear and scuffing near the spines. Volume 3's case plastic is warped.


Bride of the Water God 1-6 - $25 SOLD!
Condition: Ranging from Good to Very Good. Light to moderate yellowing on the tops of the books. Removable adhesive labels covering the barcodes of volumes 2-5 and covering a small bald patch on the back cover of vol. 1. Small indents on the back cover of vols. 2 & 3 and a sticker ghost on the back of vol. 1. Light to moderate shelf wear.
--> Gallery of Detail Photos Here <--

Full Moon wo Sagashite 1-7 - $20 SOLD!
Condition: Ranging from Good to Very Good. Glue at the hinges weak on volumes 2 & 3, moderate to severe yellowing on the tops of the books, small ding on the back of volume 6. Light shelf wear.

Time Stranger Kyoko 1-3 - $10
Condition: Good. Light to severe yellowing on the tops of the books and a scratch running along the top of volume 3, but otherwise just light shelf wear.

Gunsmith Cats Omnibus 1-2 - $8
Condition: Excellent. Barest hint of yellowing to the tops of the books, and very light shelf wear, but otherwise pristine.

Bakuman 1-3, 5, 6 - $20 SOLD!
Condition: Ranging from Good to Very Good. Light to severe yellowing on the tops of the books, a medium sized bend on the front corner of volume 1, a small bend on the back cover of volume 6, and moderate shelf wear.

Ral Grad 1-4 - $10
Condition: Excellent. A little light yellowing and shelf wear, but that's it.

Yurara 3-5 - $5
Condition: Good. Glue weak at the hinges for all 3 volumes, and light yellowing to the tops of the books. Volume 5 has a small rip on front cover near the top of the spine, a small indent near bottom of front cover, and a medium length pen-like indent on the back cover.

Note on Condition Descriptions: When I mention that the glue is weak at the hinges, this is not to say that the book has loose pages. The binding is tight for all of the actual pages, it's just that the cover can easily be opened to a 90 degree angle because the glue is no longer holding it close to the rest of the book. If you have any concerns about this, please be sure to request photos!


Yasha Kiden: The Demon Princess 1 - $5 SOLD!
Condition: Very Good. Light shelf wear, light yellowing near the spine and some light surface dings to the cover.

Vampire Hunter D: The Stuff of Dreams - $5
Condition: Poor to Good. Binding is tight with light shelf wear, but the back cover is has 3 creases in it.


Half-Minute Hero (PSP) - $5 SOLD!
Condition: Poor to Good. Missing original case artwork, PSP case itself is heavily worn and will not close completely. Both the manual and game UMD are in good condition, however, and a replacement insert will be included.

Devil Kings (PS2) - $5 SOLD!
Condition: Sealed. Plastic is a bit ripped near where the case opens, however.

Kingdom Hearts (PS2 Greatest Hits) - $5 SOLD!
Condition: Good. Game has a few very light surface scratches and comes complete with manual and original artwork insert. PS2 case is heavily worn, however.

Fatal Fury Archives 1 & 2 (PS2) - $5 each or $7 together SOLD!
Condition: Sealed.

Heavenly Guardian - Free with purchase of any other item~! CLAIMED!
Condition: Sealed.


RIGHT STUFF - Fragments of Symphony - $5
Condition: Sealed. For more information and samples tracks, please visit their official website here.


Club Nintendo Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword w/Printing Error (Poster Only!) - $8
Condition: Excellent condition, frame will not be included. Will be shipped in a poster tube separately from any other items ordered.

Club Nintendo 2011-2012 Calendar - $5 by itself or $1 with purchase of another item
Condition: Very Good. Small bend to bottom left front corner. Includes 2012 pocket calendar with printing error.

Asriel 2010-2011 Calendar - $5 by itself or $2 with purchase of another item SOLD!
Condition: Excellent.

FREEBIES - Choose up to 2 freebies to go with your order!

CLAIMED: C3, B1, B2, B3, D1

Thank you very much for looking! Have a wonderful day :)!
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