✝ cleric of the church of Jun (kusano) wrote in garagesalejapan,
✝ cleric of the church of Jun

JE, w-inds., Tenimyu

I reduced the prices in hopes of getting more of this stuff to sell. I'd really like to see it all gone so it doesn't end up put back into a box and sitting on a shelf for a few more years!

Selling post is here. Some of the items included are:

• Kitto Daijobu CD & DVD LE
• Join the Storm Concert Pamphlet
• Arashi Goto Photobook
• 2006-2007 T&T Calendar
• NEWS Touch CD & DVD LE
• Kinki Kids H Album CD & DVD LE
• Duet January 2006 - NEWS cover
• w-inds. It's in the Stars CD & DVD LE
• Tamaki Hiroshi Color Photobook
• Aiba Hiroki Prince of Tennis Photoset
• and more!
Tags: collectibles, idols: johnny's, magazines, music: jpop
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