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13 August 2012 @ 10:11 pm
Group Orders for 5 Stores  
Hello Everyone!
I have started a new group order for 5 stores!

Lists/Links are:

Animate(Includes Doujinshis)
Amazon(contains doujin comics)

Group order is not limited to doujinshis only!
You may ask any items you wish to add for the group order!
(Unless they are huge/fragile items. Those are limited)

I will be hosting for 3 batches, and here are the due dates.
Batch #1: August 22nd 23:59 EST
Batch #2: August 31st 23:59 EST
Batch #3: September 9th 23:59 EST

Because right now I am very busy and can barely check my lj account, please email me for any orders.