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Kawaii Stationary and Manga!

It's been ages since I've dabbled within the community but as university nears I've realized that I have an enormous amount of stuff that have just been sitting in boxes o///o So I've got loads to sell but limited time!

Milk coins purses as seen in the first picture - $4.00 ea

1~10 Various japanese stickers - $2.50 ea

12- $2.50
11,13,14 - $1.50
15~21 - Japanese sticker sacks w/ 71 stickers - $2.50 ea

22-28,31 - $2.50 ea
29-30 - $3.00 ea

32-43 - $2.50 ea

*Sticker sacks, buy 5 get 1 free*

44-54  - Japanese Mini Memo pads w/ 100 sheets- $2.25 ea
55,56- $3.50

Medium Sized Deco Tapes - $2 each
D6,11 SOLD

(pictures to cooome)
Various Mini Deco tapes... for my own sake I willing selling these at random! $4.00 for 10
Various manga titles $3.00
Yaoi titles $4.00

Shipping: I LIVE IN CANADA ; Shipping only to Canada & USA
Small items such as sticker sacks will be shipped right away, costing from about $2.50 to $6 dollars
Larger purchases will be shipped this saturday (aug 18th) when I head down to the states to save shipping costs.
I take paypal only and feedback can be found in my journal.

Let me know if there's any info missing ;;;;
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