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24 August 2012 @ 10:36 am
Miku Nendroid, Male Stocking Wig, Jfashion, and more!  

My feedback link: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1027213.html
Payment by PayPal only
I do not have any pets
I do not smoke
The item goes to whoever puts their paypal first

Miku Nendroid- $20 shipped

This is a really cool toy. Multiple poses, faces, and I love the tiny Amazon box. Comes with all the pieces and the original box.

Male Stocking Wig-$18 shipped

It's cute and very soft. Perfect for male Stocking cosplay.

Milk Poodle cutsew-$18 shipped

I received this with another item, and it's really just not my taste. Stretchy and comfortable.
Bust: 30in-35in
Waist: 22in-32in

Pink Capelet Dress-$20 shipped

Pink Dolls style dress. Very cute and light, and very elegant looking. It has full shirring in the back, so I believe it could fit up to a 38in bust and 36in waist. Hits about slightly above the knee for me, and I'm 5'6.

Cyperous Wig- $60

I bought this second hand from mbok. After washing it, I tried to find it in Cyperous' current wig collection, but could not find the exact style. However, I do know that it is heat-resistant and re-stylable. The bangs have not been cut. The ends are a bit fuzzy, as you can see, but I do not know if that is because it's a curly/wavy wig. As a whole, it's gorgeous looking and easy to work with. Selling because the color does not suit my skin tone. The color itself is like the first two photos, not the last.

Pink Braid Headband- $12 shipped

I bought this from ShelbyCloud. It's very cute, but it doesn't work with my current style. Only worn once.

Artka tank top- $15 shipped

Very adorable tank top from taobao's Artka store. Fits a 34in and lower bust best.
Current Location: Virginia