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Second-hand (but not only) visual kei and jrock stuff

Hi guys,

since I'm going to Japan next month and I definitely will go shopping for jrock stuff I thought I could offer you
some kind of shopping service. I can look for some stuff (like cds, dvds, merch, fanclub stuff) for you.

And I know you can get some used singles even for 200 yen soooo...

Apart from 'normal' music stores I plan going to second-hands like Closet Child. You can check them here Please, note they may have much more and in even better prices in their stationery shops. From what I've heard they got all types of amazing stuff there, even fanclub only, and some singles go for 200 yen and tour t-shirts still with a price tag for like 1500 yen...8D

Of course I would take service fee but it's negotiable, especially if you decide to buy more, and it would be around 300-600 yen a piece (please, keep in my mind I have to cover all transfer and currency exchange fees with those money so I think it's pretty fair). But shipping would be from Poland and registered mail is around 4-6 € for up to 0,5 kg to most places so you could still save, especially buying more, especially used stuff :3 you do the math 8D

Also, I'll be attending MUCC Anniversary live so I can try to get you some merch.

  • post here if you're interested, talk all details, ask your questions
  • send me the list of what you need (with the maximum price you're willing to pay if you want used stuff), preferably with a picture, to the e-mail address I give you after you post here
  • send me the money you're willing to pay for your stuff (without service fee and shipping), you cover paypal fees
  • I do my best to get you what your heart really needs 8D
  • I contact you and 
                 ~ tell you I got your stuff, send you total invoice, cover all fees and shipping costs with the money that luckily remains                       (if I find your stuff cheaper that you wished to pay) and send you back the rest of your money
                ~  tell you I got your stuff, send you total invoice and then you have to pay remaining service fees and shipping costs
                ~  tell you I didn't find what you've asked me for and send you your money minus paypal fees back
  • we live happily ever after

Tags: music: jrock
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