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Items up for sale currently include brands from: Monomania, Innocent World, Super Lovers and more!

If anyone has any questions about any of these items, comment on this LJ post or email me mich2k00@yahoo [dot] com ^^

Photos and links behind the cut! 

New Innocent World Blouse
Price: $45

For details and more photos: Click here

Pre-loved Super Lover's Plaid Shorts
Price: $30

For details and more photos: Click here

Monomania fan
Price: $6

For details and more photos: Click here

There are pre-loved/new Japanese branded clothing items at my storenvy(as well as other items!): 

Thank you for looking! :) 

Please note that all items are subject to being sold out during the inquiring process. These items are not solely listed on LJ but also on storenvy, so please be aware that the item may become unavailable at any time.
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