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Hi, you won´t believe what happened >.< My uncle came back from Japan last month and he bought me some Japanese mangas BUT one is YAOI called "Love Knot" by Lemon Ichijo, and to be frank I prefer shonen-ai and lemon so I am trying to find a new owner for the YAOI one :) It´s in japanese, new, I did not read it but believe me there are a lots of sex hehehehee... since it´s pretty rare (I did not find it on the internet) I want 20euro for the book - shipped (for EU)!

Another one I am selling is "From up above" - this one is shonen-ai, new, June edition I think, 12euro, in English language!

And lastly: Gosick novel, new, 1st printed edition, this one is really RARE but I will give it to you for 15euro, the book is in English.
Paypal only, ship from Europe worldwide (cheap shipping from 3euro depends on your location).

Magazines: I have two issues of PiQ, selling them for 4euro one or 7euro both of them. Anime reviews, movies and more in each of them. These magazines are in English! and they are from the year 2011.
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