Riku Mihawk (lukaxrenjou) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Riku Mihawk

Brand Zess XX: Sales Update!

I have a lot of new sales both in my Doujinshi Sales and my Official Sales if you like to take a look. For Doujinshi I have Kuroko No Basket & 7 Men Zippo Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Just go here for more information: Doujins Sales Please read the rules before buying!

Other sales here at my Official Sale page: Brand Zess XX 

I updated lots of new things, and also a lot of the old things are gone. I have Vol. 10 & Vol. 11 Limited Edition of Loveless Sealed. Also added enw posters, and other goods. I accept offers on everything so feel free to ask for offers. I give discount on big orders as well as shipping. If you have any questions feels free to ask.

INPORTNAT: I'm making pre-orders for the Ao No Exorcist: Okumura Rin Figure. If interested in placing an order please contact me here or on my Official Site, thanks!

We also newly open our own Japan Shopping Service. If there is anything you want or like to order from Japan let us know. We have made lots of successful orders already! More information about it can be found in our official site, thanks!
Tags: anime, artbooks, collectibles, dolls: general, doujinshi, manga: japanese, posters
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