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**9/12/12- Pending sale**

Today I decided to sell my Japanese PSP 3000 in Blossom Pink, because I am a college student in a bit of a bind right now. 

Excellent condition Sony PSP 3000 in rare Blossom Pink, which I bought during my year in Japan.
It is like new; I'm not a serious gamer at all, I literally only have one game for it. I've only used it about 10 times at most, and I don't play long. All the buttons and controls work without fail, the screen is vivid, crisp and perfect. 
This menu has an exclusive "cookie" or sweets theme in addition to the basic colour theme. 
This PSP is Japanese. It can play any Psp games, but only Japanese UMDs.
Here's what you get:
- Psp 3000 shown (Blossom Pink) + charger. I bought it second-hand from a Book-Off store, but it was still new in box when I bought it. (I paid 15,000 yen/ about $183)
- Hastune Miku: Project Diva game. I bought this new at the store. (I paid around 6,000 yen/ $73). Though the menu is in Japanese it is really simple and mostly katakana, even a beginner in Japanese could figure out this game. The game play is a rhythm game. Though the lyrics to songs are displayed in Japanese including kanji, advanced level Japanese or fluency is not needed to enjoy the game. 
- SD memory card (I paid 2,000 yen/ $25)

- I'll throw in a pink Alpaca strap free.
- The headphones in my first picture have been sold all ready.

All together: I paid $281 USD.

I am asking: $250 + shipping or best offer. I am willing to do a 2-part payment plan over 2 weeks.

This is less than I asked for on eBay, where I listed it for $280 BIN or Best Offer. (Feel free to input offers there.)
There is one catch: I had to leave the box for my PSP console behind when I moved from Japan, since it wouldn't fit in my 2 suitcases and I didn't want to send back a box of stuff. So this console will be sent protected by plastic and bubble wrap in a tracked Priority box, USA only. I can take a photo of the serial number on the bottom to prove it is real if you want.

I also left the case for Hastune Miku at my parent's house, but if you are patient and would like to keep in contact with me, I can ship it to you for free when I visit home later this year in December. 
I suppose those are all the details. I am open to offers on this bundle but urgently need to sell, as I still have a textbook I need for class.
Thanks for your time. 

GSJ Feedback (Empty now, please refer to external links on EGL Community Sales, etc.)

Additional photos:

(Not the best lighting, sorry)

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