glorycreatures (glorycreatures) wrote in garagesalejapan,

SELLING: Dir en grey AGE QUOD AGIS hoodie.

I'm selling this Dir en gre tour hoodie, it was the one sold on Gomerch and the America tour. 
I've decided to sell it because it's way too big for me and It's a lot thiner and doesn't suit me for cold UK weather.

It has only been worn a couple of times, but there is some damage on one of the letters since I washed it when I took it out the packaging and put it in the dryer. 


I do have pets, and I will try and get all the hairs off (if any) before shipping out, I'll also wash and iron it before sending (which means I may not be able to send it till the end of the week)

I'm asking £15 not including shipping, but you're welcome to make any offers. 

Tags: fashion: general, music: jrock

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