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14 October 2012 @ 03:49 pm
Odds and Ends Sales!  
Hi everyone,

After a pretty successful stint of sale here at GarageSaleJapan, I still have a few odds and ends that I need to get rid of!

Items include:
- CDs, DVDs, Tour Goods, Photobooks, etc.
- Magazines and Fliers

- CDs
**All items in this section are Make An Offer!**

Japanese Movies
- DVDs - Horror and more!

- Japanese Language, English Language, Learning Materials, Manga, Yaoi
**New item added: Ghost in the Shell Analysis Book. Only on eBay for now**

- VK-style
- Discounted Clothing
**All items in the Discount section are $5, $10, or $15**

- Stationery & Markers

Some items are currently listed on eBay. Please check out my eBay sales here. I am willing to take offers on all items listed on eBay, but I will not end auctions early.

As usual, before commenting please visit My Journal for details on shipping, payment, and rules.

Thanks for looking!!
Current Location: CT, USA