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Selling lots of CLAMP and other items

Hello everyone. I still have lots of CLAMP items and other anime/video games for sale or trade. I'm hoping to get rid of these things to open up some space and save money or possibly get some items I'm looking for. 
  • All prices INCLUDE shipping to the USA
  • I'm not doing international shipping right now. Sorry >.<
  • Pictures available upon request so just let me know if you would like one
  • All items are in excellent condition unless otherwise stated
  • I am open to trade for items on my wishlist (at the bottom of the post)
  • I am NOT looking to purchase anything on my wishlist, only trade so please don't offer something on my wishlist for me to purchase. 
  • FEEDBACK is located here. Just click "feedback" in bold
  • Prices are negotiable so I'm open to discussion and maybe we can figure something out.
  • Every purchase comes with a free gift!! ^_^ 
Now, onto the merchandise ^_^

CLAMP related: 

RG Veda artbook - $45 shipped
Yasha CLAMP in 3D land - $25 shipped
Asura CLAMP in 3D land - $25 shipped
Su CLAMP in 3D land - $23 shipped
Subaru CLAMP in 3D land - $15 shipped
Watanuki Chess Piece - $15 shipped
Fai Chess Piece - $15 shipped
Black Mokona and White Mokona chess piece - FREE WITH ANY PURCHASED OR TRADED ITEM

Kobato manga volumes 1-2 - I decided I'm only willing to trade for these
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles manga volumes - 1-4, 11, 19 - $7 shipped each 
RG Veda manga volumes 1-10 (COMPLETE) - MAKE AN OFFER (hesitant to let go, also not willing to split the set)

Non-CLAMP items: 

Black Butler file folder - $10 shipped
Princess Ai Roses and Tattoos - $10 shipped
Vocaloid Kaito Petite Nendoroid - $23 shipped
Vincent Valentine Playarts Figure (still in box) - $30 shipped
Squall Leonhard Playarts Figure (still in box) - $30 shipped
Kingdom Hearts Sora Playarts Christmas Town Figure (the one in the black outfit) (Stock photo) - $50 shipped


Hetalia Wishlist

Ayumi Hamasaki CDs: 
I am...
Party Queen
(miss)understood w/ ON MY WAY Photobook
Any of her Blu-Rays

Black Butler Season 2 DVD

Thank you all so much for looking! Let me know if you see anything you're interested in! ^_^

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