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18 October 2012 @ 10:26 pm
One Piece Strong World P.O.P figres for sale, Complete crew!  
I decided to sell off my POP One piece figures since i'm currently focusing on the figuarts zero for the series :)
All figures have been displayed in a glass cabinet but kept in clean and mint condition. All boxes are also in excellent/mint condition and all figures come with all extra parts. I currently don't have any pictures but can provide some upon request.
These are my asking prices but can be negotiable, especially if 2 or more are bought. They do not Include shipping. I am also willing to do trades or partial trades for Figuarts zeros I may not own.

Luffy - $120
Zoro - $120
Usopp - $120
Nami - $90
Sanji - $110
Robin - $90
Franky - $120
Chopper - $38
Brook - $115

If interested, feel free to answer here or PM.

OP Luffy Strong world