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WTB — Gin Tama Manga w/ Spot Gloss Covers~!! OR Buy by Proxy on UK eBay Listing? Plus looking for...

I’m still looking for Gin Tama manga volumes with Spot Gloss covers!
(Here’s a publisher’s description of spot gloss http://www.firstsecondbooks.com/behind-the-scenes/spot-uv/)
Here's a bad photo example as well.

MINT condition or very close to mint. No discolored pages (yellowing manga is not a norm), no binding damage (from drops/etc), pictures of shelf wear please, and please no artful pictures hiding damage on the corners.

Buy By Proxy from UK Seller?
I found this listing for a copy from the UK in the condition I’m looking for, but they don’t ship to the US. Either a US seller w/ a copy in this condition or if somebody who lives in the UK would be willing to buy this and ship it to me I’ll reimburse you for the item and shipping.

PLEASE help me find these books! I’ve searched and searched and sent out 30+ queries to various sellers without any luck!

m( _ _ )m Thank you very much!!

Additional items that are not Gin Tama that I’m looking for:
  • Yellow by Makoto Tateno (Juné) volumes 1-3 (willing to buy 1-4 set if $ is right)
  • Ranma 1/2 Season 1 Box Set - Digital Dojo (new or like new)
  • Ranma 1/2 Movie Box Set (new or like new)
  • Ranma 1/2 Volume 1 1st Edition (i.e. larger w/ red cover) MINT or NM, VF where back cover does not have a UPC (example)
  • Shojo Beat Sept 2006 (just not folded or torn please...)

(I use comic grading terms and you can read about them here... http://www.tfaw.com/Help/Comic-Grading___176)

I'm a bad hybrid of comic collector and manga otaku... ^^;; Again, thank you to anybody who can help a comic/manga otaku out.

m ( _ _ )m

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