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I'm going to a free market to see if I can sell any of my belongings, but first let's see if there is anyone interested in here :) I have not put up any price to items, because basically I need just to get rid of them...

Moving abroad in next few years and cannot bring much with me anyway, as much as I love my collection :/

See if there is anything of interest, and make offer! :) 

12012 - PLAY DOLLs, Anniversary DVD "Arashi"
BLOOD - best collection (signed booklet), 2nd PERIOD DX
bis - Kyokutou Strip
chariots - Trigger
DEATHGAZE - BLOOD, I'm broken baby
Dir en grey - Kisou (GAUZE ON HOLD)
girugamesh - 13's reborn, BORDER, NOW
juliadoll - eternity, departures
Juliette - Merchen memories
Marusa - Kareta kirei na hana, Ketsuin Choubo
MUCC - Gokusai
Moi dix Mois - Shadows Temple
Panic Channel - THE LAST ~infinity~
Para:noir -Blindness Maria, The Virtues, A forlorn hope
pashya - Miwaku heroine, Niji, Aiiku angel, Yuwaku Venus
PIECElang - YeeeeeeeLL
SMILE - LG, Kaensha boomerang, SMILExSMILE tour DVD
the fool - Go motherfucker  (flyer+photoset also available)
THOMAS - Personality
umbrella - First demo single (hiro/hal cheki available)
UnsraW - Screaming Birthday DVD
Ultimate Sonic - Heart's Shape
Viored - Cold Ruby
Zodia - IN THE DARK, Doukoku,  Hatenaki zetsubou kuchihateru taiyou

I have plenty of flyers available here, very unupdated post though, and my feedback page is here! :) 
Tags: fliers, music: jrock

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