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For sell: anime goods (doll) and some Jrock photo set.

Hello there:)

I haven't post here since like forever.^^' Today I have a few items for sell though, mostly anime dolls and goods.

Anime goods:
1. Akazukin Chacha (Takara) @ 50US$ shipped via registered airmail
2. Magical Princess Chacha (Takara) @ 50US$ shipped via registered airmail

Condition: I am them 2nd owner. They were in good~mint condition when I got them and never play with them since I got them. I only check their condition when I got them and had kept them in Chacha's box ever since. Chacha still has her box but Magical Princess doesn't. If bought together they will be ship in Chacha's box like how I stored them. Also if buy more 1 doll I can give you a discount since you will get the combined shipping rate instead of individual shipping fee per each doll.

3. Akazukin Chacha Elegant Collection @ 35US$ shipped via registered airmail
Contains: Princess Medalion necklace and Beauty Serein Arrow brooch
This set has never been removed from its box.

4. Ririka SOS (Takara) @ 50US$ shipped via registered airmail

Condition: I am her 2nd owner, and she was NRFB when I bought her. I opened her once when I gt her to check her condition and she seem to be in great shape. I never removed her from her sleeve cardboard or played with her. She will be ship in her box.

5. Cardcaptor Sakura School Uniform (Bandai) @ 50US$ shipped via registered airmail

Condition: I am her 2nd owner, and she was mint in box when I got her. It seem that aside from the actual doll. The other items remain untouched. She will be ship in her box.

***Please note that all price already include shipping fee via registered airmail. For transaction of 2 items or more, there will be some discount provide that you don't request any other shipping method. If you requested EMS, I'll have to check first if it will cost more or not. If it isn't that much different then I can upgrade to EMS for you.;). For your information, but all my items I bought them when I was in Japan, so you don't need to worry about bootleg.^^

For pictures please refer to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29031246@N04/
(I'll be uploading right after posting this)

Also I might be parting with some Jrock photo set, but I am still uncertain. I have 4~5 sets from Juka (4 pieces per set) and 1 set from Phantamasgoria (5 pieces per set). If I do let them go they will be 10US$ shipped per set via registered airmail. Will have 5US$ discount if buying Phant set with another set. Other set will have other discount. If anyone is curious/interest, please let me know and I'll get photo up for you.;)

Juka photo set 1~6 - sold
Phantasmagoria photo set - available

Edited: ok,I'm letting go of some of my Jrock photos.

Kagrra Promotional photo set @ 10US$ shipped - sold
Kagrra Trading card + sticker set @ 7US$ shipped - sold
Kagrra postcard set @ 10US$ shipped

Juka Polaroid x 3 @ 8US$ each shipped, 5US$ each with other purchases. - sold

Noir Fluerir postcard + photo set @ 10US$ shipped
ElDorado photo set @ 10US$ shipped
Vanilla Promotional photo set @ 8US$ shipped

Gackt postcard @ 8US$ shipped
Gackt numbered photo @ 5US$ each shipped, or 2US$ each with other purchases.

Photo of photo set@ http://s1292.beta.photobucket.com/user/kopokopu/library/

I am base in Thailand and all my shipping will be done from there.

My feedbacks.

Ebay - http://myworld.ebay.com/fnyfk142/

My little LJ's feedback.

Dolly Market - http://forums.dollymarket.net/showthread.php?tid=541551

If you need any more information, please contact me.;)
Thank you very much for looking~
Tags: anime, music: jrock
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