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lots of Jrock CDs and DVDs for sale: Alice Nine, ViViD, etc.

General Info
All prices in €uro (Not inclusive of shipping or 5% paypal fees unless otherwise stated)
Sales are final Thank you

Payment Methods
Paypal ONLY (German buyers bank transfer)
my ebay

Ships from Germany, EU
Willing to ship international.
More than happy to combine shipping when you purchase more than one item

Please use this Order Form:
Email: (use Paypal email so I can invoice =D)

All DVD's are in region 2 (includes DVDs that come with CDs)
All Items have been opened and the case can have scratches, but the CDs are in perfect condition!

~Alice Nine~
Singles regular each 5€ and limited each 8€

Blue Flame (regular edition) sold
Senkou (limited edition Typ A,B, regular edition- all first press)  typ A on hold
Stargazer (limited edition Typ A, B, - all first press) typ B sold
Hana (limited edition Typ A first press, limited edition B, regular edition first press)  regular on hold
CROSS GAME (limited edition, frist press)

Fantasy (limited edition)  7€
Mirror Ball (limited edition Type A) 7€
Tsubasa (limited edition Type B) 7€
White Prayer (limited edition) 7€

Alben und Minialben:

ALPHA (limited european edition) 15 € sold

Vandalize (limited edition, frist press) 18 €

Alice Nine Complete Collection 2006-2009 (first press) 16€

GEMINI (limited edition, first press) 25€ sold

Dear (regular edition) 15€
Across the border (regular edition) 15€
The ViViD Color (regular edition) 25€ sold
Precious (limited edition Type B,A, regular edition, first press) regular 10€, limited 18 €
Yume ~Mugen no Kanata (all three types, first press) regular 10€, limited 18€ Typ A sold

Uzu (limited edition) 5€

~The Gazette~
Filth in the beauty (Auditory Impression ) 5€ sold

~An Cafe~
Gokutama Rock Cafe (european edition) 5€

Carnival Ukiyo (european special edition, signed) 15€ sold

7 Samurai Sessions - W're KAVKI BOIZ - 5€ sold

~Luna Sea~
Complete best of album 12€

りっかぼし (Rikkaboshi) 5€
サヨナラ (Sayonara) 5€

Postscript (limited edition) 10€  sold
Saezuri (limited edition) 8€  sold
Fiction (limited edition) 15€  sold
Fade out (limited edition) 10€  sold

virgin snow color -2nd season- (limited edition type A) 18€

Guilded 10€

~The fool~
Crazy frogs around the world (regular, signed) 15€

~Shūji to Akira~
Seishun Amigo 10 €

Karma (special european edition, signed 15 €) sold

I ♥ HITTERS (signed) 10€


~Alice Nine~

NUMBER SIX. - the movie- 18€
Royal Straight Flash DVD  28.04.2007Black Jewel & White Roses- Black DVD 12€
Alice in pictures I 22 € sold
Alice in pictures II 20 €
DISCOTHEQUE play like “A” RAINBOWS-enter&exit (limited edition, first press) 30€
UNTITLED VANDAL(ism)#FINALE - Graced The Beautiful Day - (limited edition, CLJ records subs) 35 € sold
TOKYO GALAXY Alice Nine Live Tour 10 "FLASH LIGHT from the past"FINAL at Nippon Budokan (limited edition) 32€

~PS- Cpmpany~
Peace & Smile Carnival Tour 2005 25€
Peace & Smile Carnival Tour 2009 (limited edition, first press) 25€

-Indies Last- ViViD Oneman Live "Kosai GENESIS"2010.12.27 Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall 32 €

サテライト TV 5€
Orei Mairi EXPO '10 (limited edition) 30€

Alice Nine towel Untiteled Vandalism 8 €

Moonchild DVD audio japanese, english subs 20€  sold

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