kamerin_chan (kamerin_chan) wrote in garagesalejapan,

WTB - Searching for English Reborn! series from Viz!

After scouring the internet I’m turning to all you awesome sellers for help!

I’m looking for the Reborn! series from Viz.

Only things to note: I’d prefer copies with covers in great shape and will accept moderately discolored pages! (I have an image for reference. Not the C color please... ==;; ) I realize this series is fairly old so I’m not expecting movie start teeth white. ^^;;

I’m more than willing to buy a set, but I’m also interested in specific volumes: 8, 12, 13

Thank you for any responses!

P.S. if I’ve been in communication with you before about the Reborn series, but walked away or faded away from replying for whatever reason please consider replying to this post. Many RL things happened a circumstances have changed. I’ve just lost most of my bookmarks and messages. ==;;
Tags: manga: english, wanted
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