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14 December 2012 @ 10:40 pm
Spring-cleaning sale! Lowered prices!  

Spring-cleaning sale! I ship worldwide by registered seamail and accept PayPal. Haggling is fine but please don't lowball on me >_<

I have Nakayoshi and LaLa issues; 1 Xbox360 game, complete Princess Ai set in English, UVERworld best-of album in limited pressing, a few shitajiki (Lucky Star, Canaan, Fate/unlimited codes) and a GLOOMY figure for sale!
There's also the Stella Quintet+'s CD that includes 2 character cards :D

Root Double Before Crime*After Days
For the Japanese Xbox360. CERO C rating.
Originally shrink-wrapped, I took it out and opened it 3 times.
Looking for 80USD.

Stella Quintet+ - Soukyuu no Score ~the score in blue~
In good condition, might be a little worn though.
Character cards of Kaji and Yunoki are included. This came with those who preordered ☆-(ゝω・)
Looking for 12 10 8USD.

UVERworld - Neo Sound Best (limited pressing)
Execellent condition. CD and DVD has been played less than 5 times. Original packaging is still intact.
Looking for 41 38USD.

Learning Japanese from Eurotalk Interactive.
The disc is a little dusty and there's a scratch but the case is in awful condition.
Offer your price.

To-Fu Oyako x GLOOMY 10th Anniversary figure.
In excellent condition. Only took it out a few times to look at it. The original packaging is a little worn though.
Looking for 65 55USD.
Click for a larger photo.

Jigoku Shoujo Spiritual Checksheet
Furoku from Nakayoshi. Never used.
1USD or free with any purchase :3
Not available

Lucky Star shitajiki from Animedia
Never used. Might be a little worn though.
Looking for 10 7USD.

Kamichama Karin Chu lolipop-shaped eraser
Furoku from Nakayoshi. Never used.
1USD or free with any purchase :3
Not available

Canaan double-sided shitajiki (left)
Furoku from Comp Ace August '09 issue. Never used but there's storage wear.
Looking for 10 9USD.
Fate/unlimited codes Portable double-sided shitajiki (right)
Furoku from ゲーマガ magazine. Never used but there's storage wear.
Looking for 11 9USD.

Books, magazines
SOLD  CLAMP Gakuen Tantei'dan volumes 1-2
In good condition. The last copies at Kinokuniya and I don't have the third volume.
I bought both volumes for 10USD each.

Code Geass Rebellion Book 2.5
In below average condition. Came from Animedia September 2009 issue.
It's the one in the middle.
1.50USD or free with any purchase :3

Hidari Te no Love Letter
In good condition. By Chiba Kozue.
3USD or free with any purchase :3

Waka'okami-san wa Shougakusei! Manga booklet (part 1)
In average condition. By Oouchi Eiko, original story by Reijou Hiroko.
On the left. Looking for 3USD.
Meitantei Yumemizu Kiyoshirou Jiken Note vol.7 (part 1) Manga booklet
In average condition. By Enue Kei, original story by Hayamine Kaoru.
On the right in the above photo. Looking for 3USD.
You can take both for 5USD ^o^
Both booklets were from Nakayoshi and have furigana next to the kanji.

(magazines don't have their furoku unless stated☆)
Hana to Yume 2008 24th issue sold (thanks! :D)

LaLa January 2009
Suitable for reading since everything is quite worn, there's dirt and there are marks where my brother took a mathematical compass to poke through the back cover.

Animedia September 2007
Front and back covers are worn. Contents are still okay. The pin-up is still attached.

The above issues can only considered as reading copies.

LaLa July 2009
Reading copy. It's better than the other magazines but there are a few marks here and there.

Nakayoshi September 2007
Nakayoshi February 2008

Not recommended for those collecting as they are not in perfect shape. Binding might not be as tough as it should be.
Looking for 4USD for Nakayoshi and 3USD or less for LaLa and HanaYume as they're quite worn.

Princess Ai volumes 1-3 (complete)
Looking for 10USD for complete set.

Thanks for looking!
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