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Selling English manga (Yaoi), Jpop Magazines, Death Note items

Hello I am selling English manga (Yaoi and shonen ai) and, Jpop Magazines, and some Death Note items please click my cut for more:

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Shipping is not included in pricing, please include your zip code in your comment or message so that I may calculate your shipping cost.
  2. Insurance and Tracking/ Delivery confirmation are not included in shipping cost. If you would like either or both please ask and be prepared to pay a $1 extra for each ($1 for Insurance, $1 for Delivery confirmation, $2 if you want both)
  3. I prefer not to sell to people outside the U.S.A., however I will sell to international people only if they are willing to pay the full shipping price as shown on
  4. Prices are not final. Feel free to make an offer or negotiate the price.
  5. I accept paypal (preferred), or well-concealed cash, check or money order at you own risk.
  6. I prefer to not trade as I am no longer interested in manga or anime (hence the reason I am selling a lot of things) however I will trade for these items: Re-ment (mostly food or Disney or Sanrio), Asian jewelry, Asian dishes (e.g. tea sets, saki sets, tea cups, plates etc.) Language learning books: Korean or Mandarin (I have several Japanese ones and took 6 classes so I’m good with Japanese) Asian stationary.

When you wish to order please comment below or email me at: Please do NOT PM me on Live Journal. But if you do I will respond with my email to continue the conversation that way. I usually only get on to comment below and usually forget to check my Live Journal messages, so to make it easier I would prefer to not use that.



Yaoi manga: (unless listed all are 18+)


Ludwig II vols. 1&2 (SOLD)
Alone in My Kings Harem $3
Only the Ring Finger Knows manga (YA so 16+) $3

Yaoi press:

Dany & Dany:
I.D.O.L. $2
Anima $2
The Lily and the Rose $2

Yamila Abraham:
Dark Prince vols. 1-
(Vol. 2 is autographed by Yamila Abraham to me, picture upon request)
Winter Demon vols. 1-4  


Eerie Queerie (YA 16+) vol. 1 $2
Boys Love (18+) $2 (SOLD)
Death Note 13 $1 (cover is damaged picture upon request) does NOT include trading card (it had been ripped out before I purchased it)
Legal Drug vols 2&3 $1 each (both are pretty badly damaged on the covers, pictures upon request)
Only the Ring Finger Knows novel vol. 1 $2 (YA 16+)
(sorry about the poor quality of the pic I will be taking a new one as soon as I am finished uploading)

Jpop magazines:


Pati Pati:
First photo:
March 2002
July 2002
December 2002
July 2003

Second Photo:
January 2006
April 2007
August 2007
November 2007

$2 each or $10 for all 8


Arena 37c June 2006 $2

Death Note Doujinshi:


Moon Light Killer 1&2 (Light X L) $3 each or $5 for both


How’s It Going (Near X Mello) $3
Corazon (Near X Mello) $3
($5 for both)


Isotone (Light X L, Near X Mello) $3
Max Heart (Light X L) $3
($5 for both)


Silky Voice (Light X L) $3
Light X L doujinshi (not sure of the title feel free to inform me) $3
($5 for both)

Death Note stuff:


Light and L plushies $3 each or $5 for both (the phone on the L plush pulled off and will need to be reattached and Light's hair needs to be reattached, photos upon request)


L, Near, and Mello bobble heads 1 free with purchase just as

Thank you for looking!

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