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DS: lots of gyaru, vk, punk etc. clothes&accessories for sale

Moving continents so I'm selling lots of clothes, VK related, as well as gyaru and other styles. Also have a cosplay schoolgirl uniform and a real Yukata kimono for sale.

Most things are about 36-38 European size, so around M. Please ask if you want to know any details or want any more pictures, and feel free to make an offer, I might consider reasonable discounts. (many more items on my sales journal, including band T-shirts, CDs, merch, flyers, magazines...)

(Sorry I'm wearing stuff, my camera's going weird so I can't easily take good pics otherwise.)

Cecil McBee (Japan)
Knit dressy-Top (2011) – very good condition. 20 euro.

Black dress-top (2011) - very good condition, some bobbles. It had bra-inserts, which I had a tailor take out. 20 euro.

Floral Print Top (2011) – very good condition, worn only a couple of times. 20 euro.

Knit Dress-Top (2009) – medium condition, with some bobbles. 10 euro.

Black overalls (2010) - very comfortable, good condition, some bobbles. a button at the back pocket has been fixed. 25euro.

E hyphen world gallery
Transparent dressy-top. Overall good condition, has a tiny hole (2mm), which is not visible unless you inspect closely. 15euro.

h.NAOTO (Japan)
h.Anarchism for Plus T-shirt. Medium condition. 10 euro.

Hysteric Glamour (Japan)
Kneehigh socks, mint condition (never worn, with package). 18 euro.

Black dress, good condition, 60 euro (original price 26,000yen).


Skirt (with undershorts) (2011) - perfect condition, but one button fixed. 35euro.

Short white fluffy cardigan (2011), good condition. 25euro.

Brown dress (2011), mint condition with tag, never worn. 50euro.


Black Dress-top with belt (2012). Perfect condition. 45 euro.

Pink Shirt (2012). Brand new with tags. 28 euro.

Pink Dress (2012). Good condition, some bobbles. 20 euro.

Dress, very good condition. Strapless, held by this thingie? in the middle (sorry, don't know what it's called, you can see on the picture.), but straps can be attached. 18euro.

Corset top, mint condition, never worn, stupidly took the tags off. 20euro.

Ring crown. Perfect condition, never worn. 10 euro.
Pendant crown. Very good condition. 10 euro.

Sai Sai
Visual kei-style knitted top – very good condition. 12 euro.

Shoes (Creepers) - size 7(UK) 8(USA) 40(Europe), very good condition, 20 euro.

Socks. Mint, never opened. 3.50 euro.

Vivienne Westwood
Anglomania cardigan. Perfect condition. 150 euro.

Yosuke USA
Shoes size 39.5(EU)/25(JP)– very good condition, worn twice. 58 euro.

Non-brand stuff

Dress-top – medium condition (some bobbles). 5 euro.

Hanjiro Floral print strapless tube dress – Very good condition. 19 euro.

Dress pink – Very good condition. 10 euro.

School girl uniform (for cosplay from Don Quixote, Japan).
Very good condition, the scarf has some damage on the edges. 20 euro.

Kimono-Yukata. Very good condition, comes with obi (red/yellow double-sided), 27 euro.

Apron Japanese-style (Japan). Mint condition with tag. 8 euro.

Fingerless Gloves – perfect condition. 8 euro.

Visual kei-style trousers from Harajuku. Size 36-40 (with rubber). Medium condition. 13 euro.

Hello Kitty night gown (USA) – brand new with tag. 10 euro.

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