Prophet of an art immovable to old idolatries. (pikacheeka) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Prophet of an art immovable to old idolatries.

All things best offer! Mostly yaoi manga, with other manga, yuri, anime, and freebies

In dire financial circumstances so I'm selling all my yaoi and a lot of my anime stuff. All best offer, but please be reasonable. Please understand, too, if I turn an offer down. :)

Yaoi manga and manwha
Gravitation 1-12 (complete)
Let Dai 1-15 (complete, extremely rare)
Totally Captivated 1-6 (complete)
Dog Style 1-2 (I think only 2 came out)
Maiden Rose 1-2 (incomplete)

Singles unless otherwise stated:
Art of Loving
Constellations in my Palm
Hero Heel 1
Jazz 2 (sold number 1)
Lovers and Souls
S (lite novel)
Say Please
Target in the Finder (Viewfinder 1)

Other manga:
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumaki 1
Reborn volumes 1-13
Utena volumes 1-4 (yuri, extremely rare)

Death Note DVDs 1-8 (missing 9)
* If you are interested in the LE figurines that came with the DVDs, please let me know. I still have most of them and would be willing to sell.
Naruto Shippuden Boxed Sets 1-2

Freebies if you buy anything
Black Cat 1
Chrono Crusade 1
Cross-break 1
Hellsing 2
Pokemon Adventures 1
Kieli 1-2 (complete)

I will ship worldwide, but it is is cheapest within the US of course. I accept Paypal only. I am not looking for trades unless you have: Natsume's Book of Friends 11-12 or Nabari no Ou 10-12. They are relatively new volumes and I haven't been able to justify buying them. Otherwise, please do not ask for trades
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