October 27th, 2003

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ok... i know this isnt anime... but i justify putting it here because the wachosky (sp?) took most of their inspiration from anime so its all good... i hope... (please dont delete me mods!!!) i have a 6 foot tall box tower for the release of the matrix revolutions DVD... this was shiped exclusivly to Video stores and should have been distroyed when they were done with it... but i have it... it features Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, The Twins, Niaobe, Smith, and Italian Chick with hips that dont stop (i cant remember her name) this is just an informal post just to see if any of you are intrested... im putting it up for 40 dollars minimum... that includes shipping and insurance... i have pictures but not right now... if a lot of you are intrested then please rell me... if you think i am priced too high then tell me also... i'll try and get some Pix up in the next day or so... i'll make a new post so you cant miss it...Thanx


Stuff for sale

Hello! ^_^
I have a few Doujinshis to sell, + a few yaoi comics. I thought I’d post them here in case anyone was interested. They are all in Japanese and in good condition unless otherwise stated. Unfortuantly I don’t have a scanner, so I can not provide picture.  Sorry about that.

I ship from Norway and the shipping rate depends on where the package is going and how big it is, so the shipping cost will be calculated after purchase.

The items are:

Final Fantasy Doujinshis

‘Fantastic Lunacy’
This book is by Razu Yoro (1999) and has a lovely cover featuring Squall and Laguna. Since I don’t know Japanese I can’t tell you the story, but it’s seem to me that Laguna is being a bit overly friendly with Squall. The Book has a bit of Shonen-Ai in it, but nothing to ‘serious’. Almost all the FFVIII characters make an apperance in this comic. The comic is 38 pages including the cover. Prize: $10

‘Aqua Scape’
Once again we find Laguna and Squall on the front cover. This seems to be a parody doujinshi focusing mostly on Seifer, Squall and Laguna, but other game characters make an apperances to. Has hints of shonen-ai and is (as far as I can tell) by the artists Chata Tachibana and Kazuya Kutsuki. 36 pages incl. the cover. Prize: $10

‘Cross Sword’
Lovely cover featuring Seifer and Squall. In this comic Seifer and Squall are getting it on.
Hugs and kisses and a little more. And they play ping pong ball. ^_^ 46 pages including the cover. As for the artist, it’s Kouko Agawa (1999). Prize: $12

‘Final Fantasy VIII all chara book’
I don’t know the exact title on this one because it’s all in kanji. >_< On the cover we find Squall and Seifer and the backside of Rinoa sprouting wings. The story feautures almost all the game characters. Can’t tell you much about the story, but there seems to be some tension between Squall and Seifer. No kissing though. The comic is by Wild Fancy Alliance (1999) and has 50 pages with cover. Prize: $10

‘Ground Zero’
Squall posing on the front cover. 24 pages and presented by PM East Hirota Azuma. Seems to be another gag comic to me. Pretty to look at, but I don’t get the story. ^^ Prize: $5

‘Hug 2’
Squall and Zell getting really friendly in this one. They also pose ever so nicely on the cover. Squall just can’t seem to keep his hands of Zell in this story. 42 pages and made by Siawase-Na-Futari. Prize: $10

Harry Potter Doujinshi:
One HP doujinshi with Remus Lupin, James Potter and Sirius Black on the cover. Lovely artwork. Hints of Shonen-ai. 40 pages long and is by Haibote. The comic features lots of the Hp characters and is very cute. I esecially like Fred and George in this one. The only bad thing about it is that some of the names are written in english, incorrectly. >_< For example James has been made Jemes and Snape is Sunape.Besides from that it’s all good. Prize: $10

Weiss Kreuz Doujinshis:

by Herz Kaiser.Has Omi and Youji on the cover.The cover has a couple of tiny stains of some sorts on the backside, but it doesn’t ruin the look of the cover much (almost blends in).
The comic is 52 pages long and full of lovely artwork. Youji and Omi is getting real friendly here, so it’s shonen-ai people. Cute story that I was able to enjoy even without being able to read Japanese. Prize: $10

Another Youji/Omi story. Has Youji on the front cover looking good. 32 pages and once again by Herz Kaiser. Shonen-ai. Youji just can’t get enough of Omi. Pretty book, but the cover is a little scratched, though you can only see in the right lighting.Shonen-ai. Prize: $10

‘Weiss Kreuz all character book’
By Tokyo-Rox Kei Takigawa and Shukasou Nagi Asatsuki. Ken is on the cover.The cover is glossy ad can be removed. All the characters are feautured here, but the main focus is on Youji and Ken. Youji chasing Ken, and Ken not knowing how to deal with it. Lovely book of 64 pages. Prize: $15

One Digimon doujinshi:
To tell the truth I’m not quite sure how this got into my hands. I don’t know the name of any of the Digimon characters so I can’t tell you who the main stars are. But the cover feauters a spiky haired dude with big googles and three other fellows in the background. Cute comic anyway with shonen-ai in it. 52 pages and by HBM. Prize $10


‘Rejin Spring Special 2000’
Hardcore Yaoi. These guys do it all. A huge comic book with over 350 pages. Feauturing stories by CJ Michalski, Riko Nekota, Youki Fukai, Kaoru Uchida and many more. The left side of the cover has gotten a little bent down at the bottom, but only a very little. Prize: $10

‘Rejin july issue 2000’
Hardcore Yaoi. Almost 300 pages long. Lots of stories full of guys that canæt keep their hands of each other. Artist like CJ Michalski, Youka Nitta and many more. Prize: $10

‘Rejin july issue 2002’
Hardcore Yaoi. Almost 300 pages long. Includes a color poster of two cute guys half nude and all wet from the rain, illustrated by Arumajiro. Artists in tho comic are Kazuna Uchida, Keiko Motohashi, Yugi Yamada and many more. Prize: $10

If you are interested in any of these comics, or need more information/have any questions, please email me at: ellenwhite007@hotmail.com
Payment trough paypal please.

Take care.

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